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2PM announces comeback for September 15; releases first teaser images



After much anticipations, 2PM has finally revealed the first batch of teasers for their comeback! The beastly idol group will be releasing their 4th studio album in mid-September, which will be “crazy”!

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2PM World Tour 2014

2014.10.03 2PM World Tour in Seoul

2014.10.04 2PM World Tour in Seoul

2014.10.11 2PM World Tour in Bangkok

2014.10.18 2PM World Tour in ???

2014.10.25 2PM World Tour in ???

2014.11.01 2PM World Tour in Beijing

2014.11.08 2PM World Tour in ???

2014.11.15 2PM World Tour in ???

2014.11.22 2PM World Tour in ???

2014.11.29 2PM World Tour in ???